About Plaid Mob

“What is a plaid mob?” you may ask… well.. 

Known in cities around the country as a Cash Mob, we’ve fine tuned the idea to fit Northern Colorado.  It’s a simple idea.  On the 3rd Tuesday of each month people show up at a pre-identified local business with at least $10 cash and mob the business with purchases.

Why “plaid mob” and not “cash mob?” Because Be Local is all about plaid, jump-started by Plaid Friday.  Plaid represents the unique, quirky flair of our local community that we love so much.

We will be targeting small independent businesses that give back to the community.  It’s really all about community – supporting local businesses owned by people who live in the community, who employ our neighbors, and are active participants in creating a sustainable economy.

Plaid Friday was so much fun we decided to keep the plaid theme going all year.  We will be coordinating a  “Plaid Mob” event on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Plaid Mob is designed to be fun and light-hearted, and there are a few simple rules:

1. Participating business must be a Be Local member. (see criteria)

2.  Participating business must give back to the community. *See below for how The Food Coop gives back.

3.  Mob date will be the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm. Location will be announced via Facebook, twitter, and this post, one week prior to the event.

4. Bring at least $10 cash to support the business (no one is limited to $10). Wearing plaid is encouraged.

5.  Join for a celebratory drink at a nearby location (optional).

Put it in perspective:
If 50 people show up at a local business with $10 each to spend we will give that business a nice boost.  If those 50 people shift $10 of their spending per week to a local business we will start to see a significant impact.  If those 50 people get 5 friends each on board with shopping locally we will have the beginnings of a movement.  If those 5 friends …

We each do a little, we all do a lot!